Croobie has iOS-Apps in the categories smart games, smart learning, and smart tools. Croobie specializes in mathematichal programming, including Optimization/AI, Signal Processing, and Simulation.

Smart Games

A game is called a smart game if it is both fun and challanging, and therefore exercises the players brain. We have several smart-games!


Sudoku is a typical example of a smart-game! We have 5 levels of difficulty. From Level 0 sudokus for very young children to Deep Thought Sudokus. Our powerful computer has tested millions of sudokus, and examined what "rules" one must apply to solve them! Our objective has been to pinpoint both simple and difficult sudokus that are extra fun to solve. Please, visit our sudoku page for more info!


This is the Classic Game also known as Connect Four, Four in Line, etc. In this game, you and the AI (artificial intelligence) take turn to place bricks in bottom up order on a game board. The goal is to line up 4 bricks before the opponent does it! Please visit our i4Row page.


antiJam is our best smart-game. Novel, fun and clever. Easy to learn, impossible to master! Try!

Mastermind Solver

The Solver is really not a game, but an AI Solver to the Mastermind game from the 70:th!

Memory, Recall Card

The Recall Card/Memory-Game is a classic game now, aviable for the Apple TV!

Smart Learning

There are several ways in which a computer can help a student to truly understand a topic! One approach is to let an artificially intelligent tutor present a step-by-step solution to a problem that the student has made up! A different approach is to let the student play with a simulator. We use both these approaches in our smart educational Apps!

Fractions Learning Calculator

This Fractions Learning Calculator will help the user to understand how to calculate with fractions. The user presents a math-problem, and can then watch the AI-based tutor solve that problem step by step.

Percentage Template

This Percentage Template Tool will help the user to answer questions such as:

If 7% of X is 250, then what is X?

Higher Education

Smart learning Apps targeting higher education in electrical engineering and computer science.

DC Sim

The learning tool DC Sim can simulate an electric circuit with multiple batteries, current generators, on/off-switches and resistors. This is a fun tool for those of us who knows the laws of Kirchhoff et al. As the tool is quite playful, we believe it will boost anyones curiosity and let him or her mature as an electrical engineer.

The Sampling Theorem

The learning tool aliasing is targeting advanced studies of the Shannon/Nyquist Sampling Theorem. This is advanced math! The App is completely free, but please do not download it unless you are already familiar with the theorem and like to acquire a deeper understanding!

Tool Apps


This is an expert tool for people interested in audio. If you like to test e.g. your headphones, AirPlay enabled speakers, or maybe some device you are building your self, then this signal generator may be of use. We call it signalator.


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