Pills Ping, preemptive medical alert reminder

Are you sure that you have taken your medicine today? Pills Ping is a reliable Pill Dispenser / Organizer App for iPhone and iOS. It will ensure that you always take your medicine. You will never feel unsure again!
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The reliability of Pills Ping rests on the following three basic principles:

  1. The user should be able to take the pills when it is convinient for him or her to do so.
  2. The user should never be tempted to commit that a pill has been taken before it really is taken.
  3. The App's user interface should only have one simple view that the user interacts with on a daily bases!
These principles lead us to design an App where each medical event is defined as a time interval rather than as a fix time. And to design a reminder system that has a very short alert signal that repeats at exponentially decaying repitition intervals. And to design a postpone button that you may touch in advance!

Read on for more information.

1 Take The Pills When it is Convinient...

You should take your pills when it is covinient for you to do so, and this time may differ somewhat from day to day. To implement this simple idea, we introduced the time interval described below.

1.1 The Time Interval

For each recuring medical event, defined in the typical day tab, one should define a time interval. The erlieast time in this interval tells when you are allowed to take the medicine, and the latest time is when you should be alerted.

Set the alert to sound after the time you normally take your pills! Each time you take the medicine, open the App and touch taken to inactivate the pending alert. By following this procedure, you can take your pills when it is convinient, and you will only be reminded if you should forget.

2 Never be Tempted to Check a Pill as Taken in Advance

If you check it in advance there is a possibility that you will later on forget to take the pill. The rule is therefore quite obvious, but it is abslolutely essintial to this App!

We asked ourself why a user would ever break this rule? We found a few situations in which a typical user would be tempted to break them, and then we designed Pills Ping to eliminate all those temptations. Read on, this is important!

2.1 The Postpone and Skip Buttons

Sometimes one knows in advance that one will not be able to take the medicine in time. For example, let us assume that you are on the Movie Theatre and have forgotten to bring your pills. If your reminder App does not have a postpone feature, you will be forced break the obvious rule and check the pill as taken just to silence the App. But, as a Pills Ping user, you can instead open the App and touch postpone a few times to delay the alert signal until you arrive home! You may also touch skip (if you have decided not take the med).

By using the postpone and skip buttons, you never have to touch check just to silince the App!

2.2 The Very Short Alert Signal

When you have forgotten to take the pills you will hear an alert signal. Had the signal been long and irritating, you would feel tempted to break the rule and immedeately check the pill as taken just to silence the App.

But the Pills Ping signal is very short, less than 1 second, there is in fact no time to turn it off! The signal is short because we want to encourage you to follow the rule and take the pills first, before you confirm it!

2.3 The Friendly Fibonacci Repitition

If you don't confirm that you have taken your pills within 1 minute, the App will alert you again. And then again after 2 more minutes, and then again after 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc, more minutes. The time between these reminders increases according to the so called Fibonacci series.

We have found that this increase in time lapse is likely to alert you without irritation, you will not feel tempted to break the rule, as you would probably do if you where reminded every minute.

Moreover, if you do not respond to the alert you are prabably away from your iPhone. Maybe you have gone out, and forgotten the phone at home. In that case it would be in vain to try to alert you more often than those fibonacci numbers does, it would only irritate your cat or dog or any aother pets that you may have.

2.4 Why You Can't Uncheck!

The rule is to never check as taken in advance. We have eliminated all reasons for why one should ever want to break that rule. If the user still breaks it, it must be because of a bad habbit. If so, the user should know that one cannot undo a check. Thus, if one checks the medicin as taken, and then discovers that the pill box is empty, there is no way to undo that check!

Checked is checked, and cannot be unchecked again! This is not a shortcomming of Pills Ping, but a new rule that we have introduced for two reasons:

There is however one exception. Maybe the user's attempt was to touch postpone or skipped, and then he touched checked by a misstake! Everyone can make such a misstake. Therefore, after the user has touched a button he/she has 3 seconds to undo that touch (by touching any button again). During these 3 seconds, the user will see a short animation. After the 3 seconds has passed, it will no longer be possible to change the state of that medical event.

3 The One Tab

The App has a history tab. Look here if you are not sure if you have taken your medicine!

3.1 The History Tab

In the history-tab you can see the medical events for the past 10 days, and for today and tomorrow. This is the only tab that yoy will need to use on a daily basis. It is in this tab that you touch check, postpone, or skipp. Look here if you are unsure if you have taken your pills!

3.2 The Little Red Badge

If you are have missed an alert you will see a red badge on the App icon the next time you use your iPhone. It is easy to locate the corresponding event in the history tab, and to touch “taken” or “skipped” (or “postpone”) on that event.

4 Conclusion

This Apps works! You will not forget to take your medicine anymore. Moreover, the App is not expensive, it has no ads, and it has no subscription fee. (Currently, this App has the lowest possible price-tag. This is because the App is new, and we have some competition).

5 Support

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