Pills Ping

Pills Ping is a handy and trustworthy medical reminder App!

Below we list some features that distinguish Pills Ping from many other remider Apps:

Event Definitions

When you start use Pills Ping you must first define your medical events. The time ranges for the events, and what medicine to take. See the image below, and the text that follows.
In the event definition tab you thus organise your medical intakes by events (breakfast, dinner, bed time, etc). Define as many events as you like!

An event does not have to occur at a specific time. Instead, you should give it a time range. Pills Ping will allow you to confirm the event as soon as that time range begins, and, if necessary, it will remind you when it ends.

A medical event may include multiple intakes (i.e. multiple supplements). You will be reminded unless you have confirmed all intakes when the time range ends.

An intake may be mandatory (must take) or optional, we will explain the difference later.


The timeline tab shows all medical events for the last week, including today and tomorrow. See below.
You may wonder why tomorrow's events are shown? Well, this is to make it possible to postpone them in advance. Read on!


Each event has a postpone button. Touch it to extend the event's time range and thus to postpone its ping! Each touch postpones 15 minutes, touch 4 times for an hour. One may postpone when pinged, or up to 24 hours in advance.

The ability to postpone an event when pinged should be a most welcome feature when one is pinged when unable to take the medication! For example, let's say you have left your home without bringing your pills. If the ping occurs, postpone it to make it reoccur later when you are back home!

Since the time line displays future events one may also postpone events in advance. For example, let's say you are having a bad sleep, and you know that in a few hours the breakfast ping will wake you up! You may then consider to postpone that event to get some additional sleep. You may also postpone an anticipated ping when visting the Movie Theatre, etc.

To our knowledge, the postpone button is a distinguished feature of Pills Ping.

The Pings

The App will start pinging you at the end of an unconfirmed event's time range. That is to say, when you have forgotten to take your pills! The ping is very short. There is no time to turn it off. Instead one should take the medication and confirm the intake! Otherwise, the ping will repeat, again, and again, and again... But to avoid to irritate you, or your surrounding, the delay between repeating pings will increase for each repetition.

The repeating pings plays an important part in the App's trustworthyness. To our knowledge, the repeating pings is a distinguished feature of Pills Ping.

Best Practice

It may seem ridiculous, but it is sometimes hard to remember if one has taken ones medication as soon as 5 seconds after the intake! Best practice: Insert pill in mouth. Touch confirm. Then Swallow.


As we have mentioned before, an intake (supplement) may be mandatory or optional.

If an intake is mandatory, you should always take it (or postpone it). If that is impossible (the pill box is empty and all drug stores are closed, etc.) you must of course skip it. But when you skip an intake, Pills Ping will disable the take-button. This is to encourage users to postpone, rather than skip, if there is a chance that the supplement can be taken later.

If an intake instead is optional you may pass it if you feel you don't have to take it. You will still get the checkmark, and if you later on change your mind you can take the supplement and update the timeline accordingly.

Summing Up

Let us sum up by mentioning those features that, according to user feed-back, distinguish Pills Ping from from most other medical reminder Apps:

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