Master Mind Solver

Meet the mastermind! This is NOT the Mastermind Game from the 1970:th -but a SOLVER to that game! YOU think of the secret code and the AI robot cracks it. It is a very good code cracker!

-Spooky, it reads my mind!

Congrat, the tool is currently aviable at App Store !

How to use?

Think of a secret code and let the AI robot guess! After each guess you give the feedback:
  • The number of correct digits in the guess. Both color and position must match.
  • The number of the remaning pins that has the correct color.

    Typically, the AI will nail down your secret within a few guesses. Yes, it is quite spooky!

  • The Settings

    In the settings you can set-up:
  • The number of different pins to select from (2-8 pins)
  • The colors of those pins.
  • The length of the secret code (4-5)
  • If the same kind of pin may be used multiple times or not.

    Erase and start over

    Touch the waste basket to erase the game and start over.

    Undo and Redo

    Undo any number of times. If you regret undo, touch redo.


    If you have feedback, questions or comments, please send us an email: