50% luck, 50% skills. This is a great intelligame for iPod-touch, iPhone, and iPad!
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Avoid the JAM!

In this game you move fruits on a game board. After each move, more fruits drop down. The board will therefore gradually become more jammed, making it harder to move fruits, unless you can get rid of them.

Line up 5 identical fruits to erase them and score points! Skilled players can play for a long time before the board finally gets completely jammed.

How to play...

The picture below illustrates many aspects of the game. 1 You touch an apple. 2 You touch an empty spot. 3 The apple moves to that spot. 4 More that 5 apples in a row, hence they will be erased!


Let us look at some screenshots..

In the beginning 20 fruits drop down

I select a watermelon...

...and get a visual feedback of all possible moves...

next, I move the fruit..

the plan is of cource to line up 5 melons, now I get 3.


When you play, you will hear a rewarding applause, whenever you deserve it. The more fruits you erase, the more intense the applause.

Replay feature

If you have played a very good game, you may like to show it to somebody, brag a litte bit. This can be done! Your very best game has been captured, stored, move by move. You can replay it anytime. Just touch the projector button.


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